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In the electrical contracting industry, one of the biggest challenges is in making bids. For every project, there are a variety of factors to consider, and it is very easy to make mistakes. If you are a contractor in the electrical industry, the wisest thing to do is to acquire top electrical estimating software. These are technological tools that will allow you to generate accurate estimates in less time. By purchasing and implementing these electrical estimating apps, you can save up to 70% of the time doing your bids.

If you want to buy leading software for electrical estimators and bids, your best alternative is the tools we offer at Best Bid. We are the best because we only do this, and we do it well. It is essential that you know the amazing products we develop and that you can get.

What Are the Top-8 Electrical Estimating Solutions Offered by Best Bids?

  1. The Best Bid Hybrid Pro: it doesn't matter if your project is minimal or a multi-million dollar project. It doesn't matter if it's low voltage or high voltage. The Best Bid Hybrid Pro will do the work for you in no time. It is designed to create your estimates with as few keystrokes as possible. It is a product created by electricians for electricians.
  2. Electrical Estimating System: this is more than a top-of-the-line estimator. We developed a tool that teaches you as you use the software. The software not only teaches you how to use it at each step but explains the reason and why of each element and process.
  3. Electrical Residential Estimator: you can forget about quoting a square foot price, no more guessing. This is software designed exclusively for the residential contractor sector. It is very user-friendly and will allow you to achieve accurate estimates in just a few minutes.
  4. Electrical Database: this is a stand-alone product, priced for everyone. It is a must, no matter if you are a novice or veteran electrician. It is ideal for pricing additional cost projects and change orders. It has over 100 blank lines for your custom items.
  5. Project Manager Software – Bid Keeper: is one of the best tools you can buy. You can have all the information in one place. It has great modules, including Project Details, Time Keeper, Add Vendor, Materials Orders and Cost, and Temp Poles.
  6. 1CEES Complete Library: this is a real bargain, as you can get all the tools such as Electrical Estimating System, Project Management Software, Electrical Residential Estimator, and Digi Count Take Off Pro for only $650. You will save over $400.
  7. Scale Link: this is the ultimate and original and industry standard computer-input plan scaler. It has a USB port and includes the software, manual, and USB cable.
  8. Panel Scheduler: this is a simple but powerful tool that you can download for only $19.95. You can create extraordinary panel schedules, with automatic connect load calculations. It is easy to use, and you can set up customized professional panel schedules for your customers easily.

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If you want to boost your contracting business with the best electrical estimator software, you can count on us. We are the best developers of electrical contractor solutions, and we are ready to help you get to the top. Download your free trial or contact BestBid to explore the best electrical estimating software on the market now.

Electrical Estimator Software