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Crane operators only , my name Is Frank Modenese and I’m currently a crane operator for New Way . Through the last 40 years of my life I’ve been involved in the construction industry where most of what we do is done by doing lifts with a tower crane . There’s nothing better than to operate a crane that is running well and smooth .Just to let you know I’ve worked around tower cranes for the better part of my career and let me be the first to tell you that they do break down and with that said it can cost several of thousands of dollars .

Quite some time ago I met Rene from Prostage , when I needed help to get the crane running again he was there or made every effort to get there as soon as he could .

My first impression of Rene was one of a very professional nature and the one thing I know is don’t rush him don’t bother him , let him do his job, because he too knows how expensive a broken down crane can be.
I found Rene to be very educating for he taught me a lot about the inner working of the brain box or better yet , what makes the crane work .

I’m not going to disrespect all the other technicians out there but if it’s up to me I will always choose Prostage. Prices are definitely reasonable and the work is guaranteed. The last couple of jobs that I have been on I’ve been using the same crane, an SK 180 and Rene performed surgery on this crane, it runs better than new. Long story short, you want dependable service , Rene from Prostage is my first choice.

Frank Modenese

Frank Modenese

Log Homes Canada has enlisted the services of Pro – Stage many times over the last 10 years. These services have been for routine maintenance, upgrades, or repairs to our tower crane.

The tower crane is very critical part of our log home building production site and while routine maintenance is important, the older model Linden tower crane can have unannounced  breakdowns. Being critical to our production the tower crane repairs need to be done urgently. Sometime not an easy task with the old machine as parts can be an issue. Pro-Stage has come through for us every time with in days. Sometimes even the same day, or at least direct suggestions of a fix via phone or text. Pro-Stage is very quick to respond and make a plan for the “fix”. We would highly recommend pro-Stage to any company enlisting it’s services.

I personally have worked very close with Rene on repairs and upgrades and each time has been a very educational experience as he gladly passes on knowledge. We had a major bearing repair/control panel upgrade in summer 2020. This was no easy task. Rene did a full control panel replacement and rewire in a couple days and minimized the down time impact on our business and all it’s employees. Please do not hesitate to contact me personally for any questions on Pro- Stage and it’s services.

Colin Ollenberger, Log Homes Canada

Hi, my name is Peter and I’ve been operating older tower cranes in the lower mainland for 25 plus years.

I’ve had my share of problems, from contactors, fuses and other component failures. And when you’re on a busy schedule you don’t want any electrical /mechanical issues. Then the company I work for met Rene who has a company called Pro Stage Canada. He replaced all worn out parts, and building new panels so there’s no more problems. Rene’s definitely the crane fix guru and a heck of a nice guy.

Peter Blaha

Rene’s knowledge and troubleshooting/repair skills are second to none.He has consistently troubleshot any issue,supplied or built the component(s),installed and commissioned to get us up and running. At times after hours and on a Sunday before.I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone that needs an electrical repair done correctly and to be CSA compliant.

Tom Gray, Co-Owner/Managing Partner at RMG Formwork Ltd.

I started in the crane industry 3 years ago looking after our company’s fleet of cranes. Being green as grass René was and still is the go to guy for any problems I encountered. He is able to quickly and accurately troubleshoot problems on any type or model of crane and if I have difficulty sourcing rare or discontinued parts he is able to help me find them or has a suggested replacement that works. He is also very good at thinking outside the box when there is a time crunch to keep us swinging.

In the summer of 2018 I refurbished a 1995 Linden Comansa and René looked after building me a new control panel, getting it inspected by Intertek, and drawing up completely new wiring diagrams for the crane.  He also looked after getting me a new rotating operators seat with integrated controls and wired everything in. This crane had been sitting on the ground for the previous 10 years and after the rebuild has run flawlessly since.

René understands that downtime hurts and always answers calls quickly and dispatches as quick as possible. He is also very willing to work weekends to keep job site disruptions to a minimum

I highly recommend him for anything crane related.

Casey Klaassen Jr., Equipment Manager, Mardina Construction Ltd.

We’ve been working with Rene from Pro-Stage for the past 20 years and truly appreciate his abilities in servicing and maintaining our crane. He brings with him a wealth of experience from mechanical repairs to every and any aspect of electrical.

A number of years ago he suggested we convert our crane to radio control, being one of the first log building companies to do so the difference was night and day.

Aside from saving us an incredible amount of time burnt it made our daily operations smoother, efficient and far more safer.

So thank you Pro-Stage for all your work and encourage anyone to work with you.

Markus Dehaas, Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes Ltd.

After operating tower cranes for nearly thirty years I can honestly say that Rene Puppe has been one of the best crane electricians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

During the building of the 62 story Shangri-La tower in Vancouver, our forming company NEWWAY relied upon Rene to solve the most intractable electrical issues, and he was always ready to go the extra mile and come up with innovative solutions. With his vast technical expertise and his genial manner, he always gladly saved the day !

For all the years that I’ve known Rene, with his understanding of the business, his knowledge and experience, I can say without question he has saved time and thus money for each project he was involved with.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rene Puppe and Pro-Stage Canada for all your crane electrical needs.

Jean Nault

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